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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Execute your Plan Early!!!!!!!

As we left off yesterday we were discussing how 40% of new IT mangers will fail in the first 18 months on the job due to failure to execute their 90-100 day plans.

Today's topic to discuss will be "THE PLAN"  or start thereof

What is the plan you may ask, the plan is a set of actions and directions you must take day one when you are accepted into that new management role.   Perhaps you were promoted from within or you are a new hire the bottom line is you need to build your inroads as early as possible.

However before we get ahead of ourselves and you even take that new role you need to mitigate some items to ensure your success on the job.

Lets define a few questions before we make that leap;

  • Ask what happened to the predecessor in this role?
    • Were they successful
    • If not, Why?
  • Who will be your direct reports!!!! -   This one often catches everyone by surprise and often your new role has maybe one desktop support tech as a direct report.  Outline this early
  • Layout the role and its responsibilities, we do not want to support something that is not part of our responsibility matrix.
  • Ensure your core skill set is indeed a match for the new role,  new leaders can find out too late that what they thought the job was, in fact was something all-together different.
  • Make sure you LEARN who your stakeholders are....... there are the very people whom will help you succeed or watch you go down in a fireball.   Learn every stakeholder and understand whats important to them in the delivery of your new role.   The CIO may only care about cloud computing,  the desktop support manager only cares about your team impacting his SLA's etc...
  • Learn,   can I say it again LEARN.  You need to learn everything you can about your new role and the people that make it tick.  Dont be passive here folks or this one will kill you for sure.
  • Finally,  deliver what you promise!!!
  • And Lastly you must to dynamic to respond to changing situations rapidly.
Before we discuss the remainder of the plan lets give a real world example to illustrate this.
Of course names changed to protect the so called guilty..........

Lets take Ricky,  Ricky came to us from a large biotech firm after 5yrs.  Ricky was used to pushing service tickets around the team and keeping the board below 50 tickets per day.   When Ricky left that firm he came to us glowing resume in hand.   His 3 interviews we well, he was a good talker and seller.  Ricky was offered the job with us and started in 2 weeks.     
Our team couldn't wait for our new IT service desk manager to start.  We prepared the weeks outline of orientation and prepared his new computer and finally he arrived.

It was only a week into the role when we realized that the way Ricky was used to working followed him in every sense of the word.  He was quickly nicknamed "The Ticket Wrangler"  by his direct reports whom all had lost respect for him within one weeks time.  (failure to communicate your message)
What we realized was that Ricky wasn't a doer at all, his standard response was "My teams not responsible for that"  (failure to deliver)
Ricky didn't feel he needed to learn the ticketing system, he felt his direct reports could handle the system and he could continue to work like before by counting tickets in excel and over reporting successes and numbers.  (failure to learn everything you can about your new role)

He failed to to learn and ask every bullet point mentioned above.  
One of the most outrageous so called mangers I have ever met. 

Needless to say Ricky lasted 3 months and was fired..................................

Either you have a plan to succeed for you don't.

More to come on this topic of plans..............................................

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