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Monday, July 25, 2011

New IT Managers ....Read on......Don't fail in 18 months

Many IT managers who begin a new IT position whether it be from an inside promotion or a new hire are often faced with the daunting challenge of starting to gain control of their team and its process without a plan.

40% new IT managers will fail within 18 months of starting off as an IT manager.    However this can be mitigated through planning for your first 100 days on the job.    You must be diligent here in creating your plan before you start your position or you will always be one step behind the curve.

I have seen new IT managers come and go in as little as 3 months because they had no plan!!!!

Over the series of blogs I will offer my view points, my stories and above all Real World Experience as seen from the drivers seat.

I will be posting topics for discussion that I would like everyone to comment on and discuss openly.
I would like to hear from others whom either agree or disagree with these ideas and principals.

I look forward to chatting with you all on real world IT management issues.  You dont have to be an IT manager to participate, simply have something to say on or about the topic of IT management.

See you Soon

Mark Tango


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