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Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer is Here

Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your summer vacations.  I know those of you who had IT projects planned during the downtime scrambled to get those in before the vacation season was over.

I located a great group on linked in that also speaks about what we cover here.  The group can be located here

At any rate there are some of you who are looking for new positions who may be burned out.
However before you take that leap you need to take into account how you are going to transition.

Are you going to look outside your organization for other opportunities or are you going to look within??

Lets look at opportunities outside your organization.    

If your looking please be reminded that there are allot of candidates looking at these same positions you are.

What are you going to do?  How will you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Here is a few tips I have compiled to get exposure for short money.

 Get your name out there by doing the following

1.  Go to or your favorite provider and sign up for the personal web site package  most are $4.99 / mo (Go online and search for coupon codes to get it cheaper)
Choose a domain name with your name in it.
In 10 min you can begin building your own resume site
go to mine and look
I also registered and pointed them to my site
Then I bought into go daddys search engine optimization and in just a week I am listed on page one of google by searching on mark tango
Make good keywords so search engines find it quickly, there are tons of resources out there for this.
Highlight yourself and your skill-set completely
Highlight your work, praise emails, big projects you were on etc....
Create personal logo,  very easy to do online.
Work the heck out of this site creation,  go wild on updating and remember to add external links as it helps your site to found by the larger search engines quicker.

2. Resume rebuild
Get that resume rebuilt into todays standards is not cheap but they are among the top resume writing providers.

order up business cards with your name and a short tag line
on the back of the card put a QR code on it
thats what I did.  like 10.99 for 250!!!! for basic

4. Really work linked in and social media,  update your profile and start connecting like crazy.  Let everyone know your out there.

5. Start a blog account and blog about your special talent or skill

6. Connect your twitter account/ blog account and linked in all together so you only have to type your thoughts once to publish it everywhere

7. Look for local networking groups and head over and meet folks

8. Dont discount those temp gig's, often lead to perm positions

9. You have to get connected to recruiters
sign up for,  I found them to be the best
also  Here you can follow recruiters who post jobs almost hourly.

10.  Spend a minimum of 1-2 hrs a day working your plan

11. Read the leadership 100 day plan,  this book will help you gain an advantage over others in ramping up your new role.   its great!!!!!!!

I'll be diving more into this 100 day plan as the weeks go by to separate you from the competition.  

In today's job market it will take those that go the extra mile to get noticed.

See you next time

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