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Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Be that guy!!!

So your settling into your new position well.   You have identified for key stakeholder up down and across.
Now what...............

Time to identify whats important to your key stakeholders, what do they want to see changed, improved etc..
Take close note here and develop a plan now to begin working your stadegy to accomplish your outline for presentation.

Next its time to identify staff, learn from your staff, what makes them tick, what do they like about their work, whats their dislikes?   Work to ensure the moral is high and your staff is mentally healthy and ready for a new leader.

Heres where many fail,  you begin your own agenda and soon become overwhelmed with emails , meetings, voicemails and begin to isolate yourself from the department.    You STAFF WILL pick up on this behavior and write you off real quick as just another IT manager who is scatter brained and not people savvy.  You will become that guy who got hired and promised to change the world, when in fact to delivered mis-directed objectives to the staff because that's the "WAY" you did it at your last job.................

If you don't begin to think out of the box and learn people first , computers second your destined to fail within weeks and I'll be blogging about you.

Again, you need to learn from your staff and get acquainted with the systems and the user community.

I'll be showing you all how to work through each objective as we move along in this blog series.

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