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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ramping Up Your New IT Mgr Position

Hello everyone,

I will be committing to daily blog posts movign forward that I would like you all to interact with.

This blog is around your new IT manager job and how to become successful fast within 100 days.

You have completed the HR paperwork now what???????

Your very first items to tackle shall be the following in order:

1.  Who are your stakeholders?
List these folks up , down and across the organization
Knowing these folks is key to your success early on

Why you ask,  without knowing who is there to help you and who may already have judged you , your goal is to get friendly with these folks real fast.   Learn what makes them tick.  

2. Youe new message to the team
What are you going to say?
How will you say it?
When will you say it?

Tip: Telling one or two or so of your newly identified stakeholders yuor message before you announce it will not only help you receive feedback but make your stakeholders feel important they knew before everyone else.

Now back to the message,   dont and I mean DONT come it with the message that this and that are changing and this is the way we will do things.  Stay away from the old "At my last position we did it this way"   These folks you are addressing have been here for a long time and your message only annoys them.

YOU NEED TO LEARN FROM THESE PEOPLE, how to organization ticks.   These folks will make or break you from day 1.

Lets look at an example:  

To frame the story I was a consultant on a data center consolidation not too long ago.  The new manager flew in to annouce his message to the team.   He was responsible for 3 data center teams.
I happened to be in the NOC area where the meeting was to be held.

Now enter the new manager,  he intro's himself.   After his intro his next words are " You folks should be ashamed of yourselves the way you run a datacenter,  this is not industry best practices"

BOOM...........  All respect he had from the staff was gone in an instant and folks began thier silent stradegy on how to ensure he failed........

So to summerize,  your message to the team, peers, management should be very well thought out and part of your job is to learn from "YOU" how this organization runs and where we can make improvements while driving new initiatives pushed down from upper management.

You blow this step you are over me

And having no message is just as bad...............

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story

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