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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working your plan as a new IT manager

So you have accepted a new position and are ready to start.    But before you do, you will need to work on the following points to ensure you are in 100% alignment with the companies’ objectives.
You will need to write out these objectives and follow your plan daily!!

Let’s look at a few of these prior to your formal announcement of taking the reins:

·Identify your stake holders
o    Internal   (VP's, SVP's, Managers, etc...)
o    External  (Large customers, profitable customers)
·Your new Message
o    What is your new message for change?   (Remember, you must go easy here until you have learned from the existing workforce what needs changing)  However from your interviews you should have understood why you were hired and what the business is looking to solve.
·Your Vision
o    Are you looking to implement ITIL for consistency
o    Are you looking to standardize all equipment
o    Are you looking to virtualize servers to save $$
·What is your call to action
o    What’s your plan to inspire and lead your new team
·Announcements of your arrival
o    This is one that needs to be carefully planned out.   Meaning, you should perform one on ones with key employees, should you do small groups or large groups.   Remember, your key employees will feel empowered if they are the first to know who you are and your plans before the formal announcement goes live to the entire business.
o    You should work with your manager to time this announcement as well as write it.   Often time’s managers write these new employee introductions and miss the mark right off the bat either in their tone or choice of words.  This can doom you from the get go.   Be very careful here.

One item I have heard over and over with new managers coming on from already established employees is the following.   "Well Jim came on and never sat with anyone in our group, all he talks about is what and how he did it at his old company" (Don’t fall into that pitfall of using your past over and over)

Don’t ever assume you know what their day to day is until you sit with them and really understand the inner workings.

You get one shot out of the gate to listen to these folks and act on what they say and NEVER listen then take NO ACTION.  Nothing is more demoralizing then having the new manager appear to give lip service to an established employee who often times knows allot more than the manager.

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