Promote Your Blog IT Management Blog: October 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The vanilla IT manger / director hiring process

Lets face it folks,   your looking for an IT manager or director who you can place your trust in to direct IT staff and oversee the maintenance  of the technology.   Well the truth of the matter is this,  you will place ad's , you will use recruiters , you will try linked in all to find the right candidate.  However a few items will hold true.

You will most likely do the following:

1. Hire someone you hardly know but was recommended
2. Believe the recruiters hype
3. Or simply use your gut feeling during the interview process.

If you went with #3 then you might fair ok.    However keep in mind that some (Folks, I don't mean to offend anyone here)  IT directors / managers out there today have a very limited scope of thier IT vision.

What does this mean you ask,  there are folks whom have been pushing the management cart their entire career.  They often rely their staff to heavily when it comes to making important IT decisions that could develop into ROI opportunity or create a money pit.    The fact of the matter is this, when it comes time to hire that manager, ask some hard questions.   In today's IT climate its not all about that MBA and cost cutting along with CapEx reports, Its about,  do you have a person that has filled the role of every IT staffer (aside from deep programming) over the years and understands its core function.

In my consulting years I sat in hundreds of proposal pitches with C level exec's and their IT managers or directors and watched that blank stare coming from the IT Manager or director whom was too preoccupied with their blackberry putting out the next fire and who lacked the technical sense to even comprehend the solution being pitched.   It was amazing to sit across from a person who probably made $250K / yr turn to their Sr IT staffer and say "So you think this will work for us".....................
Either your up with the IT times or your not.   IT is a lifelong commitment to learning and keeping pace with emerging technology.

The bottom line here folks is, if your potential IT director cant produce certifications, understanding of the OSI model , the basic's of routing, or best yet business continuity then look elsewhere.

If you hire this person, then be prepared for a firefighter manager whose priorities are keeping the VP's blackberries and home VPN connections alive,  then they are with making some real IT decisions.

You want that business MBA person who lacks how to even defrag a workstation then be prepared for the consequences of ZERO ROI and ZERO technology growth, just a continuation where the last guy left off.............